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Wubbers U

Looping Pliers Demo

Create consistently shaped loops easily with the best-selling, innovative Wubbers Looping Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Ruffled Earrings

No soldering required and only a few tools needed, these eye-catching hoops are quick and easy to make using the Wubbers Bangle Press!

Love Knot Bracelet

Learn Patti's best tips for working with wire in this class.

Fun and Funky Rings

People love these rings because they are so lightweight and come in a rainbow of color combinations.

Fall Fun Earrings!

This Fall and Halloween inspired design is simple but fun with one wire wrapped element, some wire forming, and jump rings.

Harvest Bracelet

This bracelet has the look of a cuff, but the security of a clasp to make sure it stays put on your wrist. You can have all of the style with none of the worry.

Bub'licious Earrings

If you like big earrings but do not like heavy weights on your ears, then these anodized aluminum wire earrings are for you!

Circleque Pendant

Lightweight and fun to wear, this piece will be sure to bring you lots of attention.

Copper Cone Earrings

Wubbers Jumbo Tapered Round Mandrel Pliers are perfect for creating a cool pair of copper-wire cone earrings!

Times Square

Make this gorgeous necklace to celebrate the new beginnings that come with 2015. Inspired by the ball drop in Times Square in New York, this necklace is sure to dazzle.

Half-Round Wubbers

This video demonstrates how to use the Half-Round Wubbers Designer Mandrel Pliers, perfect for working with wire to create half-round coils, D rings, and other links and connectors. Guest Access Allowed.

Wubbers Teardrop Mandrels

Learn how to wrap a teardrop shape using the Wubbers Teardrop Mandrel Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Princess Pendant

This elegant pendant is so beautifully simple and yet looks royally stunning! The materials needed for this project are minimal.

Wubbers Bangle Press Cuffs

Difficulty Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. Make cuffs with the Wubbers Bangle Press. Guest Access Allowed.

Silver Spiral Dazzle

These silver spiral earrings are simply beautiful! They won’t take much time to make, but the result is sure to dazzle!

Trillium Traces

Use your Triangle Wubbers Pliers to easily create links for this casual bracelet, reminiscent of three-petal trilliums, found in nature. From Patti Bullard, creator of Wubbers!

Wubbers Triangle Mandrel on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for tips on how to use your Wubbers Triangle Mandrel Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Wubbers Square Mandrel on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for new ideas on how to use your Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Wubbers Oval Mandrel on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for tips on how to use your Wubbers Oval Mandrel Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Baby Wubbers on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for tips on how to use your Baby Wubbers Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Wubbers on JTV

Learn how to make ear wires, S-Links, Sorrento Scroll links, and variations of a figure-eight link. Guest Access Allowed.

Poinsettia Bracelet

In this class, combine sparkling red crystal briolettes, Czech glass leaves and simple, gold toned links to create a vintage look with a contemporary twist.

Cha-cha-cha Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is a fun way to show off your favorite charms, buttons, beads, baubles and odd jewelry bits.

Cosmos Cuff

Cosmos Cuff is a quick and easy project designed to get some sparkle into your life without any stress.

Jumbo Wire Hook

Create this lovely jumbo hook clasp, which is accented with a simple lined texture.

Jumbo Rosette Bracelet

Make jumbo-sized jump rings, using 12-gauge wire, joined together with doubled figure-8 links. You’ll have a beautifully bold bracelet that’s sure to attract notice.

Aurora Borealis Necklace

If you have a bead shape that you are having difficulty incorporating into your work, this is a course you won’t want to miss.

Name Your Necklace

With this “written” wire necklace, think of all the things you can write. Have fun and be creative!

Copper Tendrils

Learn how easy it is to make these contemporary leaf links using WUBBERS Half Round Mandrel Pliers.

Oval Focal Necklace

Inspired by the Wubbers Jumbo Oval Mandrels, this necklace contrasts elegant pearls and crystals with a somewhat chunky chain.

No Solder Earrings

A series of videos takes you step by step through the course to create these earrings.

Oval Wrap Earrings

These earrings were designed with an artsy feel, inspired by a visit to Sedona, Arizona.

Cascading Gems

A stunning custom design can be created with your choice of colors. Whatever you choose, the finished piece will be beautiful!

Large Kidney Earwires

Kat Kramer shows you how to create this secure, stylish, and lightweight earwire. Perfect for lightweight earrings such as the Triangle Peyote Earrings project.

Celtic Knot Bracelet

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here and everyone gets to be Irish for the occasion. Heidi has designed this super cute and easy bracelet to celebrate your Irish pride.

Toe-Wrapped Anklet

Adorn your feet with this glamorous design from Marney Callicott.

3D Sketch Style Bracelet

Introducing Lilian’s newest creation, a 3D sketch style wire sculpture.

Gypsy Earrings

Take this course, with designer Jill MacKay, to make these eye-catching earrings.

Lampwork Bib Necklace

Make this funky lampwork "bib" necklace out of lampwork disc beads or colorful buttons. Beads available from Karen Wolffis, just in case you're not a lampworker!


Wubbers Medium Half-Round Mandrel Pliers make this project a cinch to complete. Primavera can be worn as a bracelet or an adorable choker.

Wave Upon Wave

This pendant requires very simple wire weaving on its backside, and is easy enough for a beginner to master.

Cattleman's Crossing

Patti created this truly unique design, to honor the Western Cowboys of lore, using 20-gauge wire and the Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers.

Butterfly Trails

A truly unique design, this pattern uses 20-gauge wire and the Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers.

Spring Fling

Learn how easy it is to create and accent a complementary color palette while making this Spring Fling Necklace.

Marquise Earwires

Make these striking V shaped earwires and embellish with crystal dangles, pearls or other beads. Super fast and easy!

Mock Chainmaille Earrings

These earrings are a viable solution to those who like the look of chainmaille, but don’t like necklaces or bracelets.

Mock Chainmaille Bracelet

Making these links and joining them with jump rings is a fun way to get your feet wet with chainmaille basics.

Decorative Clasps

Learn how to make these clasps that are durable which makes them perfect for necklaces or bracelets.

Spiral Motif Bracelet

By creating several motifs and linking them together, anything goes in this course. The possibilities are endless.

Fireworks Bracelet

Create this fun and patriotic bracelet, designed in honor of the spirit of independence and national pride.

Summertime Fun Earrings

Choose your favorite colors for both the beads and the wire and get ready to make a fabulous pair of “just for fun” earrings.

Sea Glass and Swirls

Learn to drill holes in sea glass to create these fun earrings!

Magic Potion Bracelet

The traditional orange and black of Halloween are joined by purple and green to make a ghoulish treat in this Magic Potion Bracelet.

Basket Weave Bangle

This fun little lightweight wire weave cuff is a great way to make a statement.

S Wave

S shape links gracefully connect in a wavelike pattern in this necklace and earrings set by Linda Lurcott.

Double-Wrapped Bracelet

We’ve been in love with Jill MacKay’s style for quite awhile, and now she’s bringing her innovative designs to Wubbers University!

Danish Love Knots

Let instructor Debora Mauser teach you the technique for creating these beautiful Love Knots and use them as elements in your own original designs.

Spiraling Wire

In this class, learn tips for making high-quality spirals to complement your work.

Hematite Ringed Bracelet

This bracelet combines hematite and chain with glass pearls and Swarovski crystals.

Abacus Ring

The same technique that is used on this Abacus Ring, can be used to create a bracelet. This class assumes you know how to fuse fine silver.

Jewel in a Basket

This class is suitable for beginners to intermediate level of students and teaches how to enclose a bead within a wire basket.

Hug Wire Wrapped Ring

This little ring “Hugs” your finger and is something that everyone will admire. It only takes a little wire and a few minutes to make.

Spring Links

"Spring Links" are bold, chunky wire links that look great with rustic beads and pendants. These quick and easy to make links add length to your piece without using too much wire.

You Have My Heart

This is an easy project for a beginning jeweler. There is no soldering or riveting. It’s a simple project, but experience with tools is gained.

Speedy Spiral Earrings

If you are a big fan of spirals, you will love the way these earrings flow and symbolize energy…who can’t use more of that?

BoHo Wire Wrapped Earrings

These pretty little Bohemian earrings look great in copper or colored wire!

Geometric Links Bracelet

This project uses Wubbers Mandrel Pliers to create a variety of shaped rings for a fun bracelet…and you’ll get a bit of soldering practice in as well.

U Link Necklace

With the U Link course, you can make an array of beautiful necklaces by choosing silver or copper wire, the size and number of links, the color of beads...the possibilities are endless!

Double-Wrapped Ring

Take this course by Marney Callicott to make a ring that is twice wrapped, once to make the body of the ring and a second time to give the it more stability and texture.

Square Link-to-Link Bracelet

Join Patti Bullard, the creator of Wubbers, as she uses various Wubbers pliers to create a beautiful textured link chain bracelet.

Lampwork Pendant

This is a simple design which complements round glass disc beads made by Karen Wolffis. These pendants are fun and easy to soldering involved!

Silver Bracelet with Crystals

Mary Ware shows you how to make this feminine and dainty bracelet.

Rick Rack Earrings

Mary Ware demonstrates how to use your WUBBERS Looping Pliers to make little bends to create these funky earrings!

Lucky Luck Earrings

This design is versatile and can be elaborate or simple by just changing up the design a little or adding different beads.

Peeper Keepers

Always trying to find your reading glasses? Pin these to your shirt, and that problem is solved! These are quick and easy to make, and they are quick sellers.

Sterling Ear Cuff

The young (and the young-at-heart) seem to enjoy these simple cuffs. No piercings necessary!

Festival of Lights

In this class, Heidi will show you how to create a star from wire and embellish it with delicate beads. You will also learn how to wire crochet.

Patterned Wire Bracelet, Part 1

Ever wonder what to do with that pretty patterned wire that you see? Here is a fun and quick way to make a beautiful bangle style bracelet complete with clasp.

Patterned Wire Bracelet, Part 2

This course is a continuation of the Patterned Wire Bracelet, Part 1.

Simplest Earrings

These delightful earrings introduce Lilian’s unique wire making method!

Finger Wrap Bracelet

This is a simple, elegant design by Marney Callicott. Once the architecture is understood, there are many possible embellishments that can be added to change the look.

Wire Wrapping Dichroic Glass

Roy Spaulding teaches you how to make an elegant wire wrapped dichroic glass pendant.

Beaded Earrings

This class builds on the Teardrop Earring Finding class. You can use this technique to add beads to other shapes as well.

Love Letter Earrings

Celebrate the spirit of romance with these adorable and contemporary Love Letter Earrings designed by Heidi Parviainen. A Valentine's favorite, but great year 'round!

Tiny Bubbles Earrings

Learn how to use a wire jig to create these little earrings with anodized aluminum wire that comes in a variety of colors.

Border Wrapped Pendant

This wire wrapped pendant takes a bit of practice and is not recommended for someone who has yet to try any wire wrapping. Once you learn the technique though, the possibilities are boundless.

Dual Bead Bracelet

Join Marney Callicott to create this bracelet with a versatile color palette using charms, marbles, glass pearls, and glass beads.

April Showers Earrings

Make these fresh and fun earrings using Wubbers Triangle Mandrel Pliers! They are so simple to adjust and personalize with your own colors and style.

Bead Dangles

Adding colorful bead dangles will provide movement and flow to any piece.

Chainmaille Inspired Bracelet

Achieve the look of chainmaille by making these links and joining them with jump rings.

Wire Links and Beads

This is the perfect set for some left over beads and extra copper wire you may have lying around.

Wire Link Chain Bracelet

With this fun, easy project you create your own chain and decide how it will look.

Easy Earrings

This quick and easy pair of earrings is great to make for all ages. You can make them in under and hour and wear them out that night!

Circle Pendant

This is a great first project for getting your feet wet with wire wrapping. It teaches you a basic weave and is great for all ages.

Peacock Feather

This course teaches the beginner how to make the individual feathers on the Mardi Gras mask.

Summer Triplicity Necklace

Learn how to add a patina using Liver of Sulphur to create this pretty bronze and copper necklace.

Bone Links

"Bone Links" are easy-to-make wire links that quickly assemble into an elegant necklace chain.

Wire Pumpkin

This is a step by step course showing how to make a pumpkin shaped pendant.

Oh, Crystal Tree!

This project will take minutes to make, but will bring hours of enjoyment. Dress these earrings up or down, they will be among your favorite holiday accessories.

Wire Wrapped Ornament

Learn how to make a whimsical ornament using wire, beads, and a few tools.

Just Plain Batty Earrings

Looking for a quick way to give your outfit that little hint Halloween spirit? These “Just Plain Batty” earrings should do the trick!

Oval Hammered Earrings

Join Patti Bullard, the creator of Wubbers, as she uses various Wubbers pliers to create a beautiful pair of hammered sterling silver earrings.

Christmas Wish Necklace

Heidi Parviainen's Christmas Wish Necklace combines gorgeous crystal and silver to easily accessorize any outfit you wear.

Charmed Bangles

Learn how to create unique and original bangle bracelets that reflect your personal style.

Glamorous Ghoulies

Do you love Halloween, but cringe at the garish color combos? Celebrate the spirit of the season with this Glamorous Ghoulies Bracelet.

Very Vamp Necklace

This is the perfect accessory for upcoming Halloween festivities, or you can pair it with that little black dress and create quite a stir.

Abstract Geometry

Intriguing use of geometric shapes, asymmetrical design, and beads/gems of varying sizes and colors make this "Statement" necklace.

Wire Weave Wrapped Pendant

Enhance the beauty of your pendants by learning how to weave a fine wire frame around it in this class.

Endless Summer

Make this necklace and have a little piece of sunshine with you wherever you go.

Modified Components

Use cold connection wire work modification to make delightful component pieces which will accent any piece wonderfully.

Beach Treasure Bracelet

This Beach Treasure Bracelet is the perfect way to capture that memory of the perfect day spent on the beach.

Summer Twilight

In this course, learn how to use Wubbers Jumbo Tapered Round Mandrel Pliers to create unique elements to add drama and texture to your designs.

Sunny Dayz Pendant

Use a variety of colors and beads to create your own visions of sunny dayz.

Loop-in-Loop Chain

This course will show you how to make a basic Loop-in-Loop Chain combined with Wire and Bead Links to create a beautiful Rhodochrosite Sweet Romance Necklace.

Easy Wire Weave Bezel

This project shows you how to create one of my (Karla Rosenbusch) favorite—and most simple—wire bezels.

Teardrop Earring Findings

In this class Heidy Henke will show you how to create teardrop earrings using Wubbers Round Mandrel Pliers.

Snowflake Necklace

In this course, use fine silver for a chain to compliment the delicate features of Keshi pearls. It will give the impression of snow cascading down an air current.

Lampwork Bead Flower Earrings

These earrings start with lampwork beads which are wire wrapped into a five petal silver flower. It takes very little time to make using simple tools with no soldering involved.

Lampwork Latchback Earrings

These earrings capture the brilliance of lampwork glass discs. The latchback not only shows off the glass, but keeps the earring from falling out.

Loop-in-Loop Chain

This course will show you how to make a basic Loop-in-Loop Chain combined with Wire and Bead Links to create a beautiful Rhodochrosite Sweet Romance Necklace.

Aluminum Ring

I have always liked the look of hammered aluminum and decided to make a ring of it.

Gemstone Ring

This is a beautiful, wire wrap ring that is quick and easy to make.

Red Brass Ring

For those who like the look of gold but not the price, red brass is the answer!

Charming Earrings

A 'charm holder' pendant gave me the inspiration for this great earring design.

Celtic Style Ring

Make your own wire wrapped ring in these easy steps which produces a distinct and always different ring that is comfortable to wear.

Easy Ear Cuff

This is a very simple piece of jewellery that looks stunning when worn, quick and easy to make just follow the simple steps.

Kidney Earwires

These earwires take a little more effort than others, but are sure to stay put in your ear while showing superb craftsmanship.

T Bar Clasp

This is a stand alone course for a very pretty and versatile 'T' bar clasp. However it is the first of a series of 4 courses that will create a beautiful bracelet.

Beaded Chain

In this second part of the Triple Chain Bracelet, Rachel shows you how to create a basic beaded chain and add it to the clasp.

The 'Shrek' Chain

Although this part of the triple chain bracelet could be made on its own, it is a very pretty way of creating a chain using briolletes.

Caged Pearl Chain

This is the final step of a 4 part course. Watch part 1, part 2, and part 3 for complete instructions on how to make this beautiful and delicate bracelet.

Angel Link Bracelet

With this bracelet's abstract angel design, it can be worn year round and not just at Christmas time.

Two-Tier Earwires

Instructor Pam Preslar shows how to make a pretty pair of twisted wire earwires.

O So Simple Beaded Ring

To start your skills in wire wrapping, I have created the first of a series of 'O' So Simple courses.

Basic Woven Wire Ring

Now that you have watched the Basic Wire Weaving class, take it just a few steps further to make this woven wire ring.

Satellite Swirl Ring

This is a nice and quick class that produces stunning results.

Satellite Swirl Earrings

These earrings make nice compliment pieces to the Satellite Swirl Ring.

O So Simple Bangle

To start your skills in wire wrapping, I have created the first of a series of 'O' So Simple courses.

The Tiara Ring

This is a very pretty ring I have named it the Tiara Ring but it could just as easily be a Celtic Weave Ring. It is all how you look at it.

The Tree Pendant

More pictures and more detail in this class to show you step by step how to create this very pretty pendant.

Basic Woven Wire RIng 2

Now that you completed the Basic Woven Wire Ring course, venture on to part 2 of this course and add a bit of pizzazz .

Trailing Gem Ring

Create a beautiful, trailing tendril ring with this easy to follow course. Stunning wire wrap jewelry made easy.

Dingle Dangle Ring

Learn to make this delightful ring that is full of life and movement. It really catches the light and your eye!

The Snake Ring

After many requests I have created an easy to make snake ring tutorial.

Woven Heart Tutorial

This course shows you how to use a basic piece of weaving and turn it into a stunning heart necklace.

Perfectly Matched Earwires

In this quick tutorial, instructor Jessica Barst shows you a neat trick for making perfectly matching earwires every time – make two of them together!

The Nautilus Ring

This is a wire wrap ring class that uses a bezellite setting. It shows you step by step how make a very pretty gem set ring.

Pearl Hair Pins

Wire wrap class using hair pins, head pins and pearls. Very easy and very effective.

Swirl and Wave Ring

Three different looks, one easy class! Step by step instructions to create this very delicate and pretty ring.

Leaf Earrings

Learn to make these easy and versatile earrings. Choose a bright colored bead for a pretty springtime effect, or a warmer colored bead to carry these earrings into the fall.



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