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Accent Texture with Liver of Sulfur

Adding an antique finish can enhance and accentuate texture and can be achieved by using liver of sulfur.

Looping Pliers Tip

Use Finger Pro Tape with your Wubbers Regular Looping Pliers to grip 24 gauge wire.

Sizing Bangles

Tips for sizing bangles.

Wubbers Pliers Care

Wubbers are designed to last, but here are some quick, simple things that you can do to keep them looking great and working great.

Production Mode -- $15 Earrings

Turn a handful of beads and a half ounce of sterling silver wire into profits.

CraftOptics Reducing Pain Tips

Wubbers University and CraftOptics would like to share some tips on how to reduce back and neck pain.

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 6

Begin to learn the skills to connect individual pieces together to make more complex and interesting designs.


There are many ways of dealing with firescale. This course will share with you a few tips on how to remove it from silver.

Maintaining Crucibles

Learn how to prepare and clean casting crucibles.

Bezel Pusher

Easily make this specialized tool for setting stones.

Drilling Holes in Glass

Ray Schulz of Lasco Diamond Products shows us a useful technique for drilling holes in glass for jewelry or décor items.

Jewelry Fabrication 1

This course introduces you to some of the tools, materials and terminology that will be used to start learning how to fabricate jewelry from scratch.

iPhoto for Portfolios

As a former technical trainer for Apple, Kat became very familiar with Apple’s creative suite of consumer products, including iPhoto. In this course, Kat demonstrates iPhoto 11.

Victorian Button Bracelet

Join Patti Bullard, the creator of Wubbers, as she shares an idea for a Victorian Button Bracelet and Pendant with Katie Hacker of Beads Baubles & Jewels.

Elegant Earring Stands

Get creative with this versatile earring stand with both soldered and non-soldered variations!

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 2

This lesson will teach you the proper use of jeweler's saws and drills, along with some tips to make things a little easier.

Intro to Fretz Tools

In this video course, Bill gives us a tour of Fretz tools and workbench setup.

The Joy of Filing

This course demonstrates filing, which is one of the basic techniques that needs to be mastered in order to make jewelry.

Texture Hammer

Here is an easy, no-fail way to make your very own, one-of-a-kind texturing hammer that is sure to bring even greater satisfaction to making your own custom jewelry.

At the Bench: Part 1

This series of tips and tricks is designed to make working at the bench easier, fun and less challenging.

Malachite Stone

See how easy it is to shape and polish a malachite stone.

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 3

In this course, learn how to saw out a design in sheet metal without cutting through the sides which is called piercing. Filing removes the marks made during the piercing process.

Anatomy of a Gemstone

Take this course with Linda McMurray for an informative guide to understanding and selecting gemstones.

Ribbon Turquoise

This project works through the basics of cutting the slabs, but not polishing. The project assumes knowledge of how to use a trim saw.

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 4

This course will introduce you to the high polish finish, along with the tools and materials needed for the process.

Steady Stamp

This block will help you to hold your stamps perfectly perpendicular to your metal, allowing you to get a complete imprint every time!

Choosing a Kiln

What can you do with a kiln...PMC, glass, enamel? What kind of features do you need? Do you have to rewire your house? Glass and metalworking artist Kat Kramer will help you sort it all out!

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 10

Introduction to metals and alloys.

Color Schemes

Become familiar with some basic color theory concepts and definitions.

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 11

The torch is probably the most daunting tool for the beginner, but with a little knowledge, and practice it will easily become as natural as your favorite pliers.

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 7

This course teaches tab and slot cold connections.

Personal Color Palette

Learning your color palette takes time as you progress as a jewelry artist. Lexi shares her own personal color palette to help inspire you in your hunt for yours.

Going Pro!

Are you ready to take that big leap from small craft shows to a large juried art festival? In this course, you will learn a number of steps that will make the process easier.

Consignment Contracts

Take this course to learn how to be clear in your terms and agreements when working out a consignment arrangement with a gallery.

Washing Transparent Enamels

One of the most important skills that a beginning enamellist can learn is how to wash transparent enamels.

Beginning Jewelry Studio

If you want to work at home, Lexi Erickson shares the list of recommended tools for a beginning studio.

Three-Button Kiln

This quick course will show you how to read a kiln schedule and program a three-button kiln, like Paragon’s SC2/SC3 series, which are great for firing PMC, glass, and enameling.

Natural Creativity

This will not teach you to be creative. My hope is that it will assist your creative self to manifest…it will allow yourself to become more creative.

Denver Gem & Mineral Show with Lexi

Join Lexi Erickson in her quest for the perfect stones at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show!

Needle in a Haystack

The types of needle and threads available can be as varied as the myriad of beads you can choose from. This course will help you sift through the hay to uncover the right needle and thread type and size for your bead choice.

Drawing and Sketching Jewelry Designs

Lexi Erickson explains the value of sketching designs and shares her tips on how to use it to make your very best jewelry designs.

Open and Close Jumprings

Learn how to properly open and close jumprings.

Pickling Headpins for Jewelry

Step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to safely pickle handmade headpins.

Square Mandrel Pliers

Learn how to make uniform square jump rings, square coils, square tubes, and square beads with the patent pending Square Mandrel Pliers.

Tumbling Magic 101

Tumblers are magic -- really! Learn how to easily get professional results from your tumbler. You will be on your way to beautiful, shiny jewelry with minimal effort in no time.

Balled Headpins

Sharilyn Miller shows you how easy it is to make custom balled headpins.

Enameling Balled Headpins

Add color to your designs with enamel in this class taught by Sharilyn Miller.

Cleaning Wire with Steel Wool

Learn the importance of working with clean metal in this class by Sharilyn Miller.

Cutting and Measuring Wire

Learn how to properly flush cut wire to give your work the look of a professional.

Using Split Ring Tweezers

In this video, see how to use split ring tweezers to open tricky split rings.

How to Use a Metal Bracelet Gauge

In this video, learn how to use a metal bracelet gauge to determine the proper size for your bangles and bracelets.

Using Anti-Tarnish Pads

These small pads absorb moisture and help to keep your jewelry from tarnishing. Just place one in a sealed container with your jewelry.

How to Use Kumihimo Weights

These handy Kumihimo weights, complete with alligator clips, are perfect for helping you start your braid and keeping the braid tension even.

Bench Top Polisher

Learn how to use the variable speed EuroTool Bench Top Polisher.

Pro-Electric Bead Reamer

Use the Pro-Electric Bead Reamer tool by EuroTool to expand the holes in beads and smooth out edges.

Using a Wire Gauge Tool

Use a wire gauge tool to determine the thickness of the wire you are working with.

Using a Pinch Bail

Learn how to use a pinch bail to quickly and easily hang a pendant.

Shine Rites Polishing Pads

Instantly bring the shine back to your jewelry with Shine Rite polishing pads.

Using the Bead Bandit

See how to easily finish your jewelry pieces by using the Bead Bandit.

Using Triangle Jump Rings

See how to use triangle jump rings to hang pendants.

Quick Links Connectors

Learn to use Quick Links Connectors in a variety of ways to embellish your jewelry.

Decorating Kraft Boxes

This video explores various ways in which you can alter kraft boxes - everything from simple tying of ribbon around them to epoxy stickers, paint, and covering with paper. Lots of ideas!

How to Use Mini Needle Files

See how to use a mini needle file holder to make filing with tiny diamond files a much easier job.

How to Use the Vintaj Bead Pod Toggle Clasp

See how to quickly and easily customize the look of your toggle clasp by filling the Bead Pod with beads.

How to Use BeadFix Squares

Learn how to quickly and easily attach a cabochon to a glue-on finding with no glue mess!

Necklace Shortener

Easily take a long necklace and turn it into a short one using a shortener. The simple spring action makes it easy and versatile to use.

Beadelle Magnetic Clasps

Beadelle crystal pave magnetic clasps have a lobster clasp attached to one side and a jump ring attached to the other. See how to attach this clasp to a finished necklace.

Glue a Cabochon

Glue a cabochon onto Lacy's Stiff Stuff Beading Foundation using E6000 glue.

Lacy's Stiff Stuff

Learn exactly what Lacy's Stiff Stuff Beading Foundation is and how to use it. It forms the foundation which you stitch all your beads onto.

Filigree and Rhinestone Barrette

Learn how to make a striking filigree and flat back rhinestone hair barrette.

Filigree and Swarovski Ornament

learn how to make a stunningly elegant holiday ornament using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals, 2 identical pieces of filigree, and wire.

Lock-in Jump Rings

Learn how to use lock in jump rings to tightly secure clasps, charms,and other jewelry components when creating your designs.

Ball Chain with Clasp

Learn how to measure and cut ball chain and then attach a clasp.

Vintaj Big Kick Machine

Learn how to operate the Vintaj Big kick machine by Sizzix to emboss and etch metal stamping blanks.

Remove a Button Shank

Learn how to remove the shank from a metal button and file down the rough edges.

Keepsake Photo Pendant

Make a keepsake photo pendant using a picture from your own personal collection.

German Style Sawframe Blade

Learn how to put in a serrated saw blade into a saw frame. Learn how to adjust the saw tension and width.

Homopolor Motor

Make a Homopolar Motor using a battery, and supplies from

Brass Caliper

Measure beads and components in inches, OR in millimeters and centimeters. Measure from 0 to 80mm (or from 0 to 3 3/4 inches).

Third Hand Tool

For those projects where you need an extra hand for holding, balancing, attaching, or clamping, this tool is a life saver!

How to Choose the Right Glue

This video goes over 4 common glues: E6000, Nunn Design Glue, Crafter's Pick, and GS Hypo-Cement and talks about each one and what makes it special.



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