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  • by Patti Bullard, Ph.D.

    Adding an antique finish can enhance and accentuate texture and can be achieved by using liver of sulfur (LOS). 

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  •           MATERIALS AND TOOLS          

    • Paper Towels 
    • Glass or plastic container
    • Hot water (not boiling)
    • Stirring utensil
    • Stainless steel basket
    • Disposable gloves to protect hands
    • Liver of Sulfur Gel
    • Sunshine Cloth (optional)
    • Flexible nail file (optional)
    • Safety glasses


    The gel formulas of LOS have a longer shelf life than the lump form, but they both work the same to create a professional looking finish. LOS works fastest when the water is warmed, but not boiling. A crock-pot can be used to warm LOS, especially when doing a lot of pieces at once. However, I usually just put about a cup of water in a glass measuring cup and heat it in the microwave for 1 minute.

    Just a few safety reminders:

    • Always wear safety glasses!
    • Avoid boiling to reduce fumes
    • Avoid skin contact with LOS
    • To dispose of LOS, simply dilute and flush it.
    • Use adequate ventilation with Liver of Sulfur

              Step 1          

    Drop a small amount of LOS gel into the warm water and stir to mix with a plastic spoon or stainless steel tweezers. To quickly achieve a dark finish, add enough LOS to make the water a dark golden brown color.



              Step 2          

    Immerse the disks into the solution. A stainless steel basket is handy when working with multiple small pieces, but stainless steel tweezers can also be used.



              Step 3          

    Remove the disks when the desired color is achieved.

    Rinse thoroughly in clean water and dry.



              Step 4          

    You can begin to remove the patina using either a piece of a green scrubber or 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper. You can leave as much or as little as desired.

    Finishing with a brass brush will put a slight sheen back on the metal, while also leaving a brushed finish.



              Step 5          

    It is often nice to add some polish to an antiqued finish, and it is easy to achieve in a matter of moments. Wrap a polishing cloth around a flexible nail file (Sunshine Cloths are a personal favorite). Buff the disk and watch the shine appear!



              Step 6          

    You may wish to apply a finish such as a wax or spray sealer to help keep the piece from changing colors across time. However, I like the “aged” look that an additional natural patina gives over time, so I usually just keep a polishing cloth or green scrubber handy to bring back the lights when desired.



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