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  • by Patti Bullard

    Just have 30 minutes and want to make something special?  Use your Wubbers Bangle Press to make these one-piece earrings out of 20-gauge wire.  No soldering required and only a few tools needed, these eye-catching hoops are quick, easy, and sure to make someone special very happy!

  •           MATERIALS          

    • Sterling Silver Wire-Round, Dead Soft 20-Gauge (15 inches)



              Step 1          

    Cut two lengths of 20-gauge dead soft round sterling silver wire into 7 ½ inch pieces. Make sure both ends are flush cut.



              Step 2          


    Holding both wires at once, and using the top portion of a round bracelet mandrel, curve the wires into round circles that are about 2 to 2 ½ inches in diameter.



              Step 3          

    Holding both wires together, measure 1.5 inches from one end of the wired and bend them at about a 90-degree angle as shown.



              Step 4          

    Using your fingers, remove the slight curve from the straight end of the wire.



              Step 5          

    Working with one wire at a time, center the round part of a wire circle on the bottom half of the Wubbers Bangle Press as shown. The straight end of the wire should lay down in one of the grooves so that it will remain straight.



              Step 6          

    Put the top half of the Wubbers Bangle Press in place, and using a weighted rawhide mallet, begin to hammer. For best results, hammer, alternating on opposite sides of the Wubbers Press so as to shape the wire evenly.

    Check the progress of the wire as you hammer it in the Wubbers Press. It is easy to create the waves in the 20-gauge wire using moderate pressure with the hammer. If excessive force is used, you may inadvertently flatten the straight end of the wire that will form the post of the earring.



              Step 7          


    Remove the wire from the press. Using the Baby Wubbers Round Nose Pliers, roll a small round loop on one end of the wire.



              Step 8          

    Using a pair of Classic Wubbers Medium Flat Nose Pliers, bend each of the small loops up about 90 degrees.



              Step 9          

    Trim the straight end of the wire so that it measures 1 inch long.



              Step 10          


    Using the Classic Wubbers Medium Flat Nose Pliers, place the end of the wire along the edge of the jaw and make a slight bend on the straight end of the wire as shown.



              Step 11          

    Put the straight end of the wire through the small loop as demonstrated, and make any final adjustments as necessary to make the earrings fit together properly.



              Step 12          

    Tumble polish for the perfect final finish.  Click here or on the picture above to view the Tumbling Magic 101 course by Patti Bullard.



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