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Trick or Treat Bracelet

This adorable bracelet has delicious looking candy corn charms made from polymer clay that are paired with vibrant iridescent hues for a real treat without the guilt.

Arroyo Pendant

Create this rustic polymer pendant, with hues of copper and turquoise, anchored to a leather cord with antique copper wire.

Forever in Bloom

Resin provides ample opportunities for new creations. The possibilities are endless with this skill.

Andi's Delight

Summertime beading projects with our children are special. Capture that fun forever in a resin cast pendant and some knotted cord strands.

Lunar Eclipse

This intermediate level course is intended for those with some skill in the areas of sawing, riveting and soldering.

Psychedelic Faux Bone

Faux Bone™ is a versatile plastic product developed by Robert Dancik for jewelry making. This course will teach how to color the Faux Bone™ using Ranger Adirondack® Inks.

Faux Dichro Cabochons

Mimic the look of dichroic glass in resin without the expense and equipment in this class taught by glass artist Kat Kramer...perfect for beadweaving or pendants.

Polymer Clay Bracelet

This trendy bracelet comes together quickly with a polymer clay focal component and antique copper rolo chain.

Polymer Clay 101

This overview discusses the basic supplies and safety guidelines of working with polymer clay. It will have you on the way to designing in no time!

Mended Heart Steampunk Necklace

The Age of Steampunk, while it was set within the Victorian era, was beyond its time and revolutionary for its day. The gears and leather used in this "Mended Heart" necklace are essential steampunk.

Empress Pendant

Make this Etruscan style polymer pendant with its freeform leaves and learn how to make and attach a wire bail.

"Journey" Locket

An array of vintage ephemera, lace, and other media creates this charming version of a keepsake we have come to love over the centuries.

Dragon Heart Pendant

This intermediate level course is intended for those with prior skills in the areas of sawing and riveting.

EnCapture Artisan Concrete

This exciting new medium is easy to use and will increase the possibilities in your jewelry making.

EnCapture Artisan Concrete on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for tips on how to use EnCapture Artisan Concrete.

T-Shirt Chain Bracelet

Instructor Jessica Barst shows you how to make a cute chunky chain bracelet with knotted t-shirt yarn. You only need two supplies: an open link curb chain, and some continuous t-shirt yarn.

Nail Polish Painted Cabochons

Making your own cabochons is easy and fun with your favorite nail polish colors and some glass gems – like the kind you use in vases and aquariums!

Nail Polish Pendant

Nail polish jewelry is a hot trend these days, probably because it is so much fun to make and so easy to create unique and colorful designs!

Upcycled Sushi Tray Earrings

This jewelry making video shows you how to make a fun pair of earrings from an unexpected material – an upcycled plastic to-go container for sushi! These earrings are nice and light, and also very quick to make.

Glass Bead Pendant

Instructor Jessica Barst shows you how to use scrapbook paper and some glass ‘vase gems’ to make some really fun cabochons that you can use for so many things.

Ocean Gems

Use the EnCapture Artisan White Concrete Kit to achieve a look that will take you right to the water’s edge.

How to Make a Glass Dome Paperweight

See how to make a stunning paperweight using a glass dome and collage images.

Embed an Eye Pin Bail into Resin Mold

Learn how to turn an eye pin into a simple bail and embed it into a resin mold for an easy way to turn molded resin objects into jewelry.

How to Fill an Open Back Bezel with Resin

Learn to fill an open back bezel with resin and create a pendant.

Half Hitch Knot Zipper Pattern

In this video, learn how to use half hitch knots to make a two color zipper pattern in macrame.

Rubber Tube Necklace

This video showcases the rubber necklace with reinforced metal tip and how easy it is to turn into a pretty piece of jewelry.

Tuffet Ring

Learn how to make a fun and glamourous ring using Crystal Clay, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS chatons, a bead cap, and a Nunn Design bezel ring finding

Circle Charm Chain and Crystal Clay Earrings

See how to use circle charm chain, Crystal Clay, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS chatons to make a festive pair of dangling earrings

How to Make a Crystal Flower Ring

Learn how to quickly and easily place a crystal chaton into a flower adjustable ring setting to create a pretty ring.

How to Finish Flat Kumihimo Ends

Learn how to tie off and finish your flat braid kumihimo ends using ribbon pinch crimp cord ends.

How to Make a 10-Warp Flat Kumihimo Braid

Learn how to use a Kumihimo square disc to braid a 10-warp flat braid.

How to Make a 4 Strand Round Braid

In this video, learn how to make a basic four strand round braid using flat faux suede cord.

Attach a Ribbon to a Jump Ring

In this video, learn how to neatly and securely attach ribbon to a jump ring so that you can attach a chain or a clasp.

Lillypilly Stamping Blanks

See how to alter Lillypilly round aluminum stamping blanks using epoxy stickers, glass domes, and resin.

Using Templates for Bezels

Use pre-made templates in circle and oval shapes to make bezels

Lillypilly Sheet Bracelet

Use a pre-strung plastic bezel bracelet and a copper Lillypilly sheet for a fun bracelet

Faux Suede and Chain

Weave faux suede beading cord through links in chain to create a versatile woven piece.

Ultra Suede Brass Cuff

See how to cover a brass cuff bracelet in soft ultra suede and add a decorative edge.

Using Ribbon Crimps

Learn how to attach ribbon crimps to finish ribbon in jewelry making.

Apply Snap Fasteners

Use the Crystal Applicator tool to apply snap fasteners and decorative buttons to your designs.

Pin Backs and Ultra Suede

Learn how to embed a pin back into ultra suede.

Cutting Mica Sheet

Learn ways to cut mica sheet.

StazOn Ink and Rubber Stamps

See how to use StazOn ink and rubber stamps in jewelry.

Cell Phone Charm Adapters

Learn how to hang your favorite cell phone charm straps from your smartphone.

Vintaj Patinas and Glaze

Color your Vintaj pieces using an amazing array of permanent patinas.

Faux Druzy Ring

Learn how to make a stunning faux Druzy ring.

Crystal Pave Bead

See how to use epoxy clay with Nunn Design channel bead cores to make a Swarovski crystal pave bead.

Channel Bead Core Earrings

See how to apply collage sheets to large-hole Nunn Design bead cores for earrings.

Glass Tile Jewelry

Give your glass tile jewelry a professional finished look with velour paper.

Crystal Clay Color Variations

Expand your design possibilities by mixing colors of Crystal Clay together.

Judikins Amazing Glaze

Learn how to use Judikins Amazing Glaze heat curing powdered resin.

Embossing Crystal Clay

See how to emboss Crystal Clay using a Rubber Stamp and then bring out the design using Vintaj patinas.

Pearlizing Powder in Resin

In this video see how to use pearlizing powder in resin.

Easy Cameo Ring

Find out how to make a fun and easy ring using a pre-made stretch ring and a cameo.

Make a Pandora Style Bead

In this video, see how to use Crystal Clay and grommets to make a large hole Pandora style bead.

How to Complete a Decore Kit

There are lots of wonderful designs of Decore jewelry kits and this video takes you step by step through one of them so you can see what the instructions look like, how the ingredients are packaged, and how to mix the clay.

How to Make Cuff Links

In this video see how to make a pair of cuff links so that it looks like a store-bought enameled piece of jewelry. Paint, resin, and a charm are all used to create this polished look.

How to Make a Lunasoft Ring

See the new Lunasoft lucite cabochons, and learn how to quickly and easily make an eye-catching ring with them.

How to Crochet a Hoop Earring with Beads

See how to crochet around a hoop earring and add a beaded edge. Also learn how to tie off your thread and incorporate it so you do not see the tail.

Beaded Crochet for Left Handed Crafters

Learn how to do a basic beaded chain stitch in crochet for left handed crafters.

How to Crochet with Beads

Learn how to chain stitch crochet with beads. A great way to incorporate crochet into your jewelry designs and make necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

How to Use Vintaj Metallic Patinas

These patinas are great to alter the finish of metal and other jewelry components.

How to Apply Rose Pins

See how to use the Crystal Applicator Tool and Rose Pin Die Set to apply sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rose pins to fabric for all your jewelry, clothing, and crafting projects.

How to Apply Jean Buttons

See how to use the Crystal Applicator Tool to apply dazzling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS jean buttons to fabric for all your jewelry, clothing, and crafting projects.

How to Make a Collage Art Locket

See how to embellish a simple locket with Crystal Clay, collage art, a glass dome, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS chatons.

The Vintaj Ring Bracelet Blank

See how the Vintaj Regal Ring Bracelet Blank can be used to form the front of a bracelet or can be used to make a ring base.

How to Cover a Headband in Ribbon

This video shows you how to easily cover a headband in ribbon. Great for incorporating with beadwork, this will give the accessory a polished, finished look.

How to Use the Jewel Setter

Learn how to use the Jewel Setter from the Beadsmith to pick up and place flatback rhinestones and chatons.

How to Cover Brass Cuffs with Lillypilly Sheet

Create a wonderful variety of cuff bracelets by using a brass cuff blank and covering it in Lillypilly Copper sheets.

Embellishing an Ornament

In this video tutorial learn how to embellish a holiday ornament using Crystal Clay, filigree, Crystal Splash, and crystal chatons.

Vintage Crystal Clay Ring

Make a vintage looking cluster ring using Crystal Clay, bead caps, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal chatons.

Color with Gilders Paste

Quickly and easily color lucite flowers and lucite leaves using Gilders Paste.

DeCoRe Epoxy Clay Ring

Use DeCoRe Epoxy Clay and make a stylish ring using the clay, Swarovski Chatons, Swarovski Cosmic Ring, and a bezel ring finding.

Tiled Tila Bead Ring

Learn how to make a fun ring using E6000 glue to tile Miyuki Tila Beads in the bezel setting. Very easy and quick to make.

Epoxy Sticker Jewelry

Explore how to use epoxy stickers and all the different projects you can make with them.

Glue-on Jewelry

Explore all the ways you can instantly make jewelry simply by gluing a decorative element to a finding such as a bobby pin, ring, bail, or earring.

'Scrabble' Tile Pendant

Learn how to make a Scrabble tile pendant using epoxy stickers. Get the look of resin without the cost and time involved with 1-part and 2-part resins.

Domino Tile Pendant

Make fun and easy jewelry using domino tiles, Aanraku bails, and epoxy stickers. The stickers fit exactly onto the small tiles, complete with rounded edges.

Crystal Compact

Learn how to make a gorgeous beauty compact using 2-part epoxy Crystal Clay, silver plated filigree, and Swarovski crystal chatons.

Crystal Clay

Learn how to use Crystal Clay along with Swarovski crystal chatons to make beautiful jewelry. . Make rings, pendants, cuff links, purse hangers, and more!

Vintaj Big Kick Metal Blanks

Explore different finishing techniques for metal stamping blanks which have been etched and embossed using the Vintaj Big Kick machine by Sizzix.

Domino Earrings

Make a beautiful pair of earrings using small dominoes, image transfers and Aanraku bails.

Bail and Connector Options

Explore different ways to attach mixed media products that do not have pre-drilled holes to create beautiful and fun jewelry.

Bezel Bracelet with Epoxy Stickers

Learn how to make a bezel bracelet with epoxy stickers.

Resin Bangle Bracelet

Use a block mold to reproduce a bangle bracelet in resin. See how to mix the resin, add pigment, pour the resin into the mold, and remove the finished bangle bracelet.

Easy Mold Block Mold

Learn how to mold three dimensional objects using Easy Mold Silicone Molding Rubber. This liquid mold making material is easy to use and produces highly detailed results.

Bottle Cap Jewelry

Learn how to use 2-part resin to make beautiful bottle cap jewelry.



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