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Riveting Essentials Introduction

An introduction for using your Riveting Essentials Riveting Tools. Guest Access Allowed.

Designer Stacking Bangles

Learn how to use the Wubbers Bangle Press to create an armful of delightfully shaped bangles. Guest Access Allowed.

Beginning Foldforming Earrings

This beginner metal working course introduces a technique of fold-forming, adding a patina to copper by using a torch, annealing metal, and making French earring wires.

Witch Hat Pendant

Full of whimsy and lightly textured, this pendant is a fun accessory for the Halloween season.

Sparkling Snowflake

This sparkling snowflake by Alisa Gannon is the perfect pendant to wear in winter.

Peas in a Pod

This pendant is a nice customizable piece that is not very difficult. You might need to make quite a few of these once your friends and family members see it!

Riveted Christmas Pendant

Gwen teaches you how to make this riveted Christmas tree just in time for the holiday season!

Easy-Peasy Riveting

In this class, students will learn to use the Riveting Essentials† Rivet Gauges to cut the rivet wire to the correct length every time to make riveting easy-peasy.

Rivet, Riveting, Riveted

In this project, students will explore the full range of functionality of the Riveting Essentials tools.

Geometric Earrings

Welcome to the wonderful world of Wubbers! These versatile earrings can be made with different shapes and accent beads to accommodate any outfit!

Brass Belt Buckle

Learn Jurgen's method for sawing out straight, streamlined letters and practice your soldering skills in this intermediate class.

Return to My Roots

Lexi goes back to her Danish Modern roots and shows us how to create a sleek, high-polish pendant.

Smokey Topaz

This gold on silver pendant is an intermediate project. Soldering and sawing skills are required.

Silver Dime Earrings

Pre-1964 dimes make the perfect earrings in this course taught by Betsy Lehndorff.

Citrine Pendant

This multilevel pendant is an advanced project. It requires excellent torch control, stone setting skills and sawing skills.

Quarter Ring

In about an hour, you will be able to turn a pre-1964 silver quarter into a seamless ring.

Mother & Daughter Earrings

A beginner project that is adaptable to many variations.

Curvy Forged Earrings

Simple wire can be so elegant, and these “swingy” earrings are playful and bring light to your face.

Pierced Spiral Pendant

This is a beginning pierced course using version of a spiral pattern.

Torch Fired Enameling

An introduction to torch fired enameling.

Chandelier Earrings

Fabricate custom findings with the Wubbers Half-Round Designer Mandrel Pliers.

Infinite Possibilities

There are Infinite Possibilities to your life and this piece of jewelry. Just have a great time and make it your own.

Tiffany Style Ring

The project is intermediate and requires soldering and setting skills. The entire ring is handmade.

It's Simply Riveting

Learn how to create these hour glass shaped earrings by Patty Frederick.

Sun and Moon

This is an intermediate project and requires soldering and bezel setting skills.

Blister Pearl Earrings

This project is intermediate and assumes soldering and bezel setting skills.

Carved Bird Pendant

This project will mainly be about the back design. It is intermediate to advanced, and challenges soldering skills as well as precision sawing.

Owl Pendant

This project requires soldering skill and is on the intermediate level.

Kerry Blue

This dog pendant can be made with any breed of choice.

Shadow Box Disc

This shadow box disc pendant is an intermediate project requiring various types of soldering techniques.

Stamped, Hammered and 'Stirred'

A few ‘ingredients’, some special ‘utensils’, a little ‘culinary skill’ and you have something to feast your and everyone else’s eyes on!

Soldering Techniques 1

This course is designed to provide additional information to soldering as it is done in jewelry making.

Soldering Techniques 2

In part one of this series, soldering was explained. This course builds upon that with more practice projects and techniques.

3D Leaf Switch Plate

Use any combination of bronze, brass and copper, a variety of textures, a little patina, and next thing you know, you have a fantastic switch plate.

Ensnared Pendant

A wonderful and visually exciting way to secure a stone without the use of solder.


Bring earthiness and industrial chic together with this cuff by Jami Shipp.

Green Quartz Pendant

This pendant is an advanced project and will require very good torch control. It is made of mostly Argentium silver.

Nugget Pendant

Use scrap gold and silver to create this fun and useful pendant.

Kumihimo Swirl

Kumihimo weave with sterling silver wire to create this sleek chain. Attach this simple yet elegant swirl pendant and the results are fabulous!

Leaf Ring

This course will show how to make this elegant, large gold on silver ring, set with a fancy cut blue topaz.

Argentium Cross

This is an intermediate project and torch control, polishing and setting skills are assumed.

Tube Rivets

In this class, students will learn to use the Riveting Essentials Rivet Gauges to cut the tube to the correct length, every time, to form the rivet.

Pillow Clasp

This decorative clasp is designed to stand out and be visible from the front of the necklace to create a unique look.

Etching with Couture

This project is a little different from the other etching projects on Wubbers University as it uses a low-cost etching kit available from electronics suppliers.

Introduction to Metal Clays

This class explains the different makers of precious metal clay and the different forms available and how they are used.

Sizing a Ring Up

This is an intermediate project and requires sawing and soldering skills. It will provide the technique to size a yellow gold ladies ring one size up.

Re-setting a Ruby

This class is for the advanced student and requires stone setting skills.

Loop-in-Loop Bracelet

The open weave of this bracelet clearly shows the fundamental construction that is the basis of all woven loop-in-loop chains, and it is the simplest of these chains to make.

Fine Silver Dangle Earrings

This great beginner class will have you shape and fuse simple rings and balled headpins into a beautiful earring design.

Hammered Belt Buckle

Linda Lurcott teaches how to make this essential addition to any wardrobe. The hammered finish and nice weight makes it enjoyable to wear.

Forged Sterling Earrings

Learn how to make these sleek earrings (pictured in gold) using sterling silver.

Domed Rectangular Pendant

In this beginner metal clay course learn how to create a two dimensional pendant by layering and doming the center decoration.

Pearl Cross

This is an intermediate project and requires sawing and soldering skills.

Onyx Earrings

This is a beginners project that will really help you with your precision sawing skills.

Mix It Up Pendant

Solder copper onto silver and bezel set a stone to make this eye-catching pendant.

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 8

This is a beginning technique that can be used to connect metal pieces together but is also the first form of stone setting that you will learn in this course.

Erin Earrings

Combine brass and copper with a fresh moss green and traditional Celtic weave pattern to show your Irish pride with these earrings.

Star Crazy

Learn how to cut, finish, dome, and stamp metal to create a cute star pendant.

Mixed Metal Heart Pendant

Intermediate in level of difficulty, this class utilizes techniques that include metal shaping, stamping, hammering, cold connections (riveting with copper tacks), and wire working.

Simple Soldered Heart

Learn how to create a simple soldered heart from square sterling silver wire in this class from Mark Wengryn.

Bezel Set Ring

Make a gorgeous bezel set ring with accomplished metalsmith Jeff Fulkerson in this class.

Hydraulic Press Copper Pendant

Use a hydraulic press to create this impressive pendant. Other techniques include riveting, piercing, and texturing in this class taught by Kat Kramer.

Hollow Copper Bangle

This sleek little bangle with a dangling charm is easy, fun and very inexpensive. The results are stunning.

Peaceful Heart Pendant

When Diana Casabar first started chasing and repoussé, she used this design to practice her techniques. Now, this Peaceful Heart Pendant is a family tradition to all new moms!

Zentangle Pendant

Lexi Erickson teaches an easy technique to etch copper with your “tangled” designs, then Kat Kramer shows how to apply transparent enamels and accents.

Textured Cuff Bracelet

This useful course by Bill Fretz teaches you how to hammer and what to look for while you are hammering. The end result will produce a beautiful textured cuff!

Metal Clay Hinge

This course will teach you how to build a working hinge out of metal clay. You should already have knowledge and skill with basic metal clay techniques (including firing), which are not covered here.

Textured Bar Pin

Check out this bar pin class, a preview from Marne Ryan's six DVD set, “Organic Metal with Marne Ryan.”

Geared Herringbone Texture

This herringbone texture is one of the many techniques available on Marne Ryan's DVD set, "Organic Metal with Marne Ryan" and is one that works well with her Bar Pin.

Twisted Bangles

This technique, taught by Jeff Fulkerson, is good for a beginning metalsmith. Learn to create a twisted pattern with round and half-round wire.

Shadow Box Pendant

This is an intermediate level project which should stretch you a little bit, but the effort is well worth it.

Copper Beads

Learn how to make these beads using either copper or silver. These copper beads are great accent pieces for the Shadow Box Pendant course also taught by Jeff Fulkerson.

Vintage Button Earrings

In this class, you will learn how to make and use a two-part silicone mold of a vintage button for metal clay to make a bohemian-style pair of earrings with.

Family Name Bracelet

There are many variations to this very simple bracelet, all using the basic stamping technique demonstrated in this class.

Ball Head Rivets

In this course, students will learn how to cut rivet wire to the correct length every time as well as how to maintain the round head of the ball-head rivets.

Brass CZ Pendant

Patricia Gambit shows you how to make this freeform pendant using red brass which provides a warm golden tone.

Beryl Pendant

This pendant is for the advanced bench jeweler. It is fun and stylish, but requires good soldering skills.

Ruffled Cuff Bracelet

In this video, you’ll learn how to use a seamless tube of brass to create an elegant golden cuff bracelet, using several of Bill Fretz's most versatile tools.

Cage Earrings

These fun and stylish earrings are the ideal project for the advanced jewelry-making student.

Cold-Connecting Bezels

In this course, you will learn how to cut rivet wire the correct length as well as how to use the Riveting Essentials Rivet Punches† to attach bezel cups.

Silver and Copper Cuff Ring

In this course, Mark Wengryn teaches a fairly simple way to add a little copper accent to a silver ring, without making heavy use of the material.

Sea Glass Square Links

This project assumes a basic knowledge of soldering and use of a jeweler’s saw.

Concave Cuff Bracelet

In this course, Bill Fretz shows us how to create a basic hammered concave bracelet with Fretz hammers and forming stakes.

Mabe Pearl Cufflinks

This is an intermediate project and requires sawing and soldering skills. Polishing and setting skills are assumed.

Infinite Friendship Ring

What better way to celebrate the invaluable gift of friendship than with this Infinite Friendship Ring?

Setting a Gypsy Ring

In this project we are setting an oval faceted gemstone into a platinum gypsy style ring.

Druzy Pendant

This is an intermediate project that will challenge your soldering skills as well as your metalsmithing skills.

Adventures in Piercing

Next to soldering and filing, piercing is one of the “must have” jewelry skills.

Glass Capsule Pendant

These glass capsules can be used for many things, from displaying gemstones, gold nuggets, or seeds...whatever makes you smile.

Welo Opal Pendant

This class is for the advanced students and requires good torch control and soldering skills. As the opal is bezel set, good setting skills are also needed to prevent breakage.

Six Prong Setting

In this project, we are making a fancy six-prong setting. These settings can be used in many applications, as pendants, as solitaire rings, for earrings and many more.

Custom Initial Pendant

This is an advanced project, featuring a “gallery.” You will need adequate soldering skills, be well-schooled in using the jewelers saw.

Platinum Puffy Heart

This heart pendant can of course be made from gold or silver. The soldering and polishing will be somewhat different in the platinum version, but all other techniques are the same.

Filigree Riveted Necklace

Students learn to use the Rivet Gauges, as well as learn some simple metal working techniques and turn filigree components and metal into a fabulous necklace.

Rotating Agate Pendant

This is an advanced project for the student who is already familiar with the basics of soldering and fabrication.

Riveted Filigree Ring

This course takes Riveting Essentials skills to the next level. Previous experience with Riveting Essentials, such as the Easy-Peasy Riveting class, or Rivet, Riveting, Riveted is recommended.

This World Needs a Hug Pendant

This beautiful pendant uses a decorative wire prong setting to “hug” the stone, which sits gracefully in a partial bezel setting.

Metal Clay, Resin, and Mica Pendant

This elegant metal clay necklace incorporates an unusual design element of mica and resin.

Perfect Silver Ball

Learn how to make the most beautiful perfect ball that will accent your pieces and really add that special little something to your jewelry!

Family Tree Pendant

This project is a hand-fabricated family tree pendant with birthstones. It can be made of platinum or any precious metal, such as silver or gold.

Investment Soldering

This course will show a way to solder multiple pieces at the same time by using investment plaster to hold the pieces in place.

Sterling Pendant with Opal

Jurgen Maerz shows how to create an opal pendant in sterling silver, with elegant handmade leaves.

Inlaid Bolo Tie

This advanced project uses a couple of different inlay techniques to create a beautiful Southwestern-style bolo.

Celtic Knot Pendant

This project will test your skills of sawing, piercing, filing, and finishing as well as a few other techniques.

Keepsake Spoon Pendant

This pretty spoon pendant is a unique way to create a keepsake!

Casting into Cuttlebone

In this intermediate course the student learns how to cast into cuttlebone and then create a pearl setting using soldering techniques.

Contemporary Bead Earrings

In this course, learn how to texture metal clay, create beads, embed silver wire, harden wire, and bend the wire into earring catches.

Flower Pendant

Jurgen Maerz shares his bench tricks learned after years of experience in this beautiful project intended for students with intermediate to advanced skills.

Let's Get Hammered

Let your natural creativity come out with these quick to make and sassy earrings.

Coin Pearl in Orb

This is an intermediate project and experience with soldering wire and heat control is needed.

Sweet XO Pendant

Send a kiss and a hug with this simple and sweet necklace.

Walk on the Wild Side

Faux Bone and Etched Metal Bracelet with a distinct flair.

Jewelry Fabrication 1, Lesson 9

Learn two more techniques for cold connections; adding spacers to your rivets and friction setting a stone.

Candy Bars and Hearts

A great beginning project with a simplistic, minimalistic design.

Cat and Sunshine

Using sterling silver wire and sheet, a nice little scene can be made into a fun jewelry piece for cat lovers everywhere!

Opal Leaf Earrings

These earrings are fun to make but require an intermediate skill level. Soldering skill, bezel setting and the use of punches will be required.

Interchangeable Box Clasp

This is a simple box clasp, which is elegant and easy to make.

The Soldering Tree

This is an intermediate project designed to sharpen your soldering skills.

Pendant Clasp

Learn to make this multifunctional pendant that also serves as the clasp.

Half-Folded Leaves Texture

This half-folded leaves texture is one of the many techniques available on Marne Ryan's DVD set, "Organic Metal with Marne Ryan."

Fine Silver Rings and Gems

Take your jewelry making skills to the next level with this great necklace, bracelet and earring class.

Fused Argentium Heart

Learn how to fuse Argentium silver into a fun heart shape in this video class by Patti Bullard.

Twig Spiculum Bangle

This exquisite bangle by Diana Casabar is formed, with keum boo golden accents.

Christmas Ornament

Improve your skills with a jeweler's saw in this class with Jeff Fulkerson by finding or making a pattern as simple or complex as you like to create a Christmas ornament.

Present Earrings

These earrings are “out of the box” for traditional holiday jewelry. Good precision soldering skills are a prerequisite for this project.

Making Designer Punches

Many jewelry fabricating techniques call for the use of designer punches. This class will provide insight into the fabrication of these punches.

Fish Earrings

This is an intermediate project and requires sawing and soldering skills. Polishing and bezel setting skills are assumed.

Happy Bird in Spring Garden

Capture some happiness when creating this pendant that is perfect for the beginning metalsmith. Practice soldering, sawing, doming and more.

Installing Superfit

This is an very advanced project and requires precision soldering skills. The Superfit system is used to make the ring wearable for people with arthritic fingers.

Chrysanthemum Keyhole-Clasp

This is a delicate and beautiful clasp. The German written version of this course is available in printable format.

Flush Setting a Ring

This advanced project uses the flush setting method on a ring.

Flush Setting

Fasten a stone, held by friction, using a polished burnisher to compress the metal around it.

Platinum Wedding Band

In this project, make a platinum wedding band and then flush set five stones.

Bear Earrings

This project is intermediate and requires sawing and soldering skills.

Amie Floral Pendant

This intermediate level tutorial is intended for those with some skill in the areas of sawing and riveting.

Personalized Pendant

This project is for intermediate to advanced students and requires setting and soldering skills.

Cold Connections Pendant

Don't forget about the wonderful world of cold connections! In this course become familiar with a tap and die set, which is threading screws and the holes they go into.

Soldering on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for tips on how to solder a ring.

Rock Art Cuff

Learn how to make this "Maggie Metal" cuff designed by Linda Lurcott, in this course.

Sharply Angled Bezel

What’s a girl to do when a stone is not cut perfectly straight on the sides? Learn how Carol Gilliland sets the entire piece off center, for a fun and funky piece!

Spiral Leaf Earrings

Spirals are ancient and very feminine. This double spiral design is especially beautiful in these elegant sterling earrings from Marne Ryan.

Fused Spirals Texture

In this course, you will see how to create incredible “organic metal” textures that can be used in other projects.

Making Pearl Cups

Use a pearl and form a cup which may be attached to the Spiral Leaf Earrings. Once you learn the process in this course, it has a variety of other uses.

Framed Resin Pendant

This project combines traditional silversmithing skills with resin and natural elements to create a casual, wearable pendant.

River Rock Pendant

This intermediate project will feature a rudimentary form of casting called charcoal casting. This is a great way use up scrap metals from previous projects.

PMC Stencil Earrings

PMC is a wonderful new material for making silver jewelry easily in your own home. With a few simple tools, you can create original designs in a variety of exciting techniques.

Moon Toggle Clasp

This project is a great way to use some of your piercing scraps to create an elegant and unique piece.

Beaded Copper Earrings

These easy beaded earrings are lightweight and casual. Taught by Kat Kramer.

Fold Formed Cuff

Jeff Fulkerson shows you how to make an amazingly strong and beautiful copper bracelet using a thinner gauge metal.

Framed Ammonite Pendant

Create an elegant ammonite art jewelry pendant with instructor Kat Kramer.



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