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Patti Bullard

Wubbers were conceived and developed by jewelry making icon Patti Bullard, Ph.D.

Patti is experienced in a wide range of jewelry making techniques. Through her own experiences, Patti became well acquainted with the challenges and needs of jewelry makers, and was surprised to learn that most of the tools used by jewelry makers were designed for other fields such as electronics or aeronautics.

Patti's search for the “perfect” jewelry making tools led her to develop Wubbers. Her passion for teaching jewelry-making seminars and classes has helped her realize that the proper tools are integral to ensuring creative success for jewelry makers of all levels. Wubbers allow you to use your time and energy productively enjoying the creative process.

Patti Bullard
  Patti BullardPatti Bullard Patti Bullard Patti Bullard
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