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Wubbers U

Looping Pliers Demo

Create consistently shaped loops easily with the best-selling, innovative Wubbers Looping Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Riveting Essentials Introduction

An introduction for using your Riveting Essentials Riveting Tools. Guest Access Allowed.

Designer Stacking Bangles

Learn how to use the Wubbers Bangle Press to create an armful of delightfully shaped bangles. Guest Access Allowed.

Ruffled Earrings

No soldering required and only a few tools needed, these eye-catching hoops are quick and easy to make using the Wubbers Bangle Press!

Accent Texture with Liver of Sulfur

Adding an antique finish can enhance and accentuate texture and can be achieved by using liver of sulfur.

Beginning Foldforming Earrings

This beginner metal working course introduces a technique of fold-forming, adding a patina to copper by using a torch, annealing metal, and making French earring wires.

Love Knot Bracelet

Learn Patti's best tips for working with wire in this class.

Fun and Funky Rings

People love these rings because they are so lightweight and come in a rainbow of color combinations.

Fall Fun Earrings!

This Fall and Halloween inspired design is simple but fun with one wire wrapped element, some wire forming, and jump rings.

Trick or Treat Bracelet

This adorable bracelet has delicious looking candy corn charms made from polymer clay that are paired with vibrant iridescent hues for a real treat without the guilt.

Harvest Bracelet

This bracelet has the look of a cuff, but the security of a clasp to make sure it stays put on your wrist. You can have all of the style with none of the worry.

Bub'licious Earrings

If you like big earrings but do not like heavy weights on your ears, then these anodized aluminum wire earrings are for you!

Circleque Pendant

Lightweight and fun to wear, this piece will be sure to bring you lots of attention.

Copper Cone Earrings

Wubbers Jumbo Tapered Round Mandrel Pliers are perfect for creating a cool pair of copper-wire cone earrings!

Corona Pendant

This is an intermediate level course for those who have a knowledge of bead weaving and thread tension.

Witch Hat Pendant

Full of whimsy and lightly textured, this pendant is a fun accessory for the Halloween season.

Times Square

Make this gorgeous necklace to celebrate the new beginnings that come with 2015. Inspired by the ball drop in Times Square in New York, this necklace is sure to dazzle.

Sparkling Snowflake

This sparkling snowflake by Alisa Gannon is the perfect pendant to wear in winter.

Half-Round Wubbers

This video demonstrates how to use the Half-Round Wubbers Designer Mandrel Pliers, perfect for working with wire to create half-round coils, D rings, and other links and connectors. Guest Access Allowed.

Peas in a Pod

This pendant is a nice customizable piece that is not very difficult. You might need to make quite a few of these once your friends and family members see it!

Wubbers Teardrop Mandrels

Learn how to wrap a teardrop shape using the Wubbers Teardrop Mandrel Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Looping Pliers Tip

Use Finger Pro Tape with your Wubbers Regular Looping Pliers to grip 24 gauge wire.

Princess Pendant

This elegant pendant is so beautifully simple and yet looks royally stunning! The materials needed for this project are minimal.

Wubbers Bangle Press Cuffs

Difficulty Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. Make cuffs with the Wubbers Bangle Press. Guest Access Allowed.

Sizing Bangles

Tips for sizing bangles.

Wubbers Pliers Care

Wubbers are designed to last, but here are some quick, simple things that you can do to keep them looking great and working great.

Tribal Fusion

This pattern is one that, with a little imagination, appears to be unrelated to the traditional peyote pattern because of the variation in the bead sizes. This bracelet stitches up fast and is a joy to make.

Silver Spiral Dazzle

These silver spiral earrings are simply beautiful! They won’t take much time to make, but the result is sure to dazzle!

Trillium Traces

Use your Triangle Wubbers Pliers to easily create links for this casual bracelet, reminiscent of three-petal trilliums, found in nature. From Patti Bullard, creator of Wubbers!

Riveted Christmas Pendant

Gwen teaches you how to make this riveted Christmas tree just in time for the holiday season!

Wubbers Triangle Mandrel on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for tips on how to use your Wubbers Triangle Mandrel Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Wubbers Square Mandrel on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for new ideas on how to use your Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Wubbers Oval Mandrel on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for tips on how to use your Wubbers Oval Mandrel Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Baby Wubbers on JTV

Watch this video that was aired during Jewel School on Jewelry Television with Patti Bullard for tips on how to use your Baby Wubbers Pliers. Guest Access Allowed.

Wubbers on JTV

Learn how to make ear wires, S-Links, Sorrento Scroll links, and variations of a figure-eight link. Guest Access Allowed.

Easy-Peasy Riveting

In this class, students will learn to use the Riveting Essentials† Rivet Gauges to cut the rivet wire to the correct length every time to make riveting easy-peasy.

Rivet, Riveting, Riveted

In this project, students will explore the full range of functionality of the Riveting Essentials tools.

Geometric Earrings

Welcome to the wonderful world of Wubbers! These versatile earrings can be made with different shapes and accent beads to accommodate any outfit!

Poinsettia Bracelet

In this class, combine sparkling red crystal briolettes, Czech glass leaves and simple, gold toned links to create a vintage look with a contemporary twist.

Brass Belt Buckle

Learn Jurgen's method for sawing out straight, streamlined letters and practice your soldering skills in this intermediate class.

Return to My Roots

Lexi goes back to her Danish Modern roots and shows us how to create a sleek, high-polish pendant.

Smokey Topaz

This gold on silver pendant is an intermediate project. Soldering and sawing skills are required.

Silver Dime Earrings

Pre-1964 dimes make the perfect earrings in this course taught by Betsy Lehndorff.

Arroyo Pendant

Create this rustic polymer pendant, with hues of copper and turquoise, anchored to a leather cord with antique copper wire.

Cha-cha-cha Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is a fun way to show off your favorite charms, buttons, beads, baubles and odd jewelry bits.

Bella Earrings

This is a great project to utilize “leftover” Super Duo beads and crystals from other projects.

Citrine Pendant

This multilevel pendant is an advanced project. It requires excellent torch control, stone setting skills and sawing skills.

Quarter Ring

In about an hour, you will be able to turn a pre-1964 silver quarter into a seamless ring.

Mother & Daughter Earrings

A beginner project that is adaptable to many variations.

Peyote Wrap Bracelet

This peyote bracelet is perfect for beginners and can be modified in a variety of ways.

Curvy Forged Earrings

Simple wire can be so elegant, and these “swingy” earrings are playful and bring light to your face.

Pierced Spiral Pendant

This is a beginning pierced course using version of a spiral pattern.

Cosmos Cuff

Cosmos Cuff is a quick and easy project designed to get some sparkle into your life without any stress.

Jumbo Wire Hook

Create this lovely jumbo hook clasp, which is accented with a simple lined texture.

Jumbo Rosette Bracelet

Make jumbo-sized jump rings, using 12-gauge wire, joined together with doubled figure-8 links. You’ll have a beautifully bold bracelet that’s sure to attract notice.

Torch Fired Enameling

An introduction to torch fired enameling.

Aurora Borealis Necklace

If you have a bead shape that you are having difficulty incorporating into your work, this is a course you won’t want to miss.

Chandelier Earrings

Fabricate custom findings with the Wubbers Half-Round Designer Mandrel Pliers.

Production Mode -- $15 Earrings

Turn a handful of beads and a half ounce of sterling silver wire into profits.

Infinite Possibilities

There are Infinite Possibilities to your life and this piece of jewelry. Just have a great time and make it your own.



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