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Bead Woven Toggle Clasp

Learn how to bead weave a toggle clasp using a combination of brick stitch and peyote stitch.

Pandora Bead Earrings

Learn how to take the large hole, Pandora style beads that you love and turn them into earrings

Swarovski Crystal Ornament

Learn how to make a stunning Swarovski Crystal Christmas ornament.

Soft Flex Wire Earrings

Make a pair of earrings using Soft Flex Company's beading wire, Swarovski Crystal bicone and bicone pendants, and seed beads.

Just Bead It! Charms

Learn how to make quick and easy jewelry using charms.

Daisy Chain

This simple bead weaving technique is easy to do and results in a beautiful finished look. The stitch covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

Wine Charms

Make wine charms using craft wire, beads, and holiday themed charms.

Decrease a Brick Stitch

Learn how to decrease a brick stitch and make a bracelet

Decorative Edge

Learn how to add a simple and pretty decorative beaded edge to your bead weaving projects.

Circular Brick Stitch Around a Bead

Learn how do the bead weaving technique circular brick stitch around a round bead.

Gold Filled Charm Necklace

Learn step by step how to make a beautiful gold-filled charm necklace.

Pandora Style Bracelet

Learn how to make a Pandora style bracelet.

Chan Luu Bracelet

Find out how to easily make this popular bracelet style.

Loops in Bead Weaving

Add loops to your bead weaving using a variety of beads including briolettes. This is simple to learn and can add lots of variety to your work.

Multiple Right Angle Weave

Expand your bead weaving skills by replacing the single beads in the traditional right angle weave stitch with multiple beads, making your units larger.

Crimp Covers

Cover your unsightly crimp beads with Crimp Covers. Can also be used to cover knots and fill in gaps on necklaces or bracelets.

Condition Thread

Learn how to condition your beading thread for bead weaving using beeswax or Thread Heaven. This technique will prevent fraying and making beading easier.

8-Warp Kumihimo Bracelet

Learn how to make an 8-warp kumihimo braid bracelet, created on standard round foam disk, using two different sizes of rattail for a spiral effect.

Thread and Wire Protectors

Incorporate thread and wire protectors into your beadwork for a finished, professional look as well as protect the thread and wire from wear caused by clasps, toggles, etc.

Spring Coil Ends

Use professional quality cord ends to finish off cord up to 2.5mm thick. Perfect for the latest leather, pleather, silk and satin cord necklaces.

Peyote and Herringbone Triangle

Bead weave a triangle using peyote and herringbone stitches.

Flower in Glass Bottle

Learn how to make a beaded wire flower and insert this treasure into a glass bottle fitted with metal surrounds.



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