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Wubbers U

Corona Pendant

This is an intermediate level course for those who have a knowledge of bead weaving and thread tension.

Tribal Fusion

This pattern is one that, with a little imagination, appears to be unrelated to the traditional peyote pattern because of the variation in the bead sizes. This bracelet stitches up fast and is a joy to make.

Bella Earrings

This is a great project to utilize “leftover” Super Duo beads and crystals from other projects.

Peyote Wrap Bracelet

This peyote bracelet is perfect for beginners and can be modified in a variety of ways.

Frosted Berry Bracelet

Embrace the frozen wonder of the season with this Frosted Berry Bracelet.

Seed Beads

In this class Valorie Clifton will provide an overview of some of the most popular brands, sizes, shapes and finishes for seed beads.

Triangle Peyote Earrings

This project is an introduction to geometric peyote stitch, matched with pretty kidney earwires to create a delicate and wearable pair of earrings you’ll love!

The "Beadiverse"

This class provides an overview of the more common types and shapes of beads.

Stella Obscura

This class is intended for those who have a basic knowledge of beading and thread tension. You should also be comfortable following diagrams and charts.

Romanov Pendant

This course is intended for those who have a basic knowledge of beading and thread tension. You should also be comfortable following diagrams and charts.

Dancing Antler Necklace

Explore freeform peyote in this course. On an ANTLER!

Coin Fan Necklace

Play with brick stitch, bead embroidery, wire, and color to create a lovely and textured necklace that moves with grace and ease.

Mitzi Bracelet

This is a wonderful, easy project and an innovative use for 2-hole beads.

Knotting Pearls

The lovely, smooth feeling of pearls creates this lustrous necklace in this course taught by Julie H. Bennett.


Once CRAW is learned, the possibilities are endless! CRAW is a versatile stitch that can be shaped and bent to create geometric shapes or elegant ropes.

St. Petersburg, Part 1

This course is intended for those with prior knowledge of basic beading and thread tension.

St. Petersburg, Part 2

This course is intended for those with prior knowledge of basic beading and thread tension.

St. Petersburg Flip

Once you have mastered this “flip” pattern, experiment with your own bead sizes to discover new looks using the same technique.

Sea Glass Bracelet

Take this beginners course on how to make this bracelet that is inspired by the ocean with sea glass beads.

Kick Up Your Heels

This project is the perfect way to put your best foot forward and have the shoes you always dreamed of having.

After Midnight Necklace

In this project, Heidi will take you step by step, through the design process using a monochromatic palette and show you how you can alter an existing design.

Zig-Zag Bracelet

Jami shows how to execute a Triangle Weave which is great for beginners, or for experienced beaders who can use the technique as a foundation for other bead weaving designs.

Greyt Eyes

This simple and elegant line around the wrist is crafted using the circular brick stitch and different bead types and sizes.

Mardi Gras Necklace

In Heidi's Mardi Gras Necklace class, she will show you how to combine the traditional Mardi Gras colors to create this dynamic piece.

Illusion Necklace

Learn Jami's tips for creating a light-weight, multi-strand necklace where the beads seem to be magically suspended in this class.

Spring Bouquet

In this course, learn how to make an adorable bouquet component. Use the technique to create focal links, a fun pair of earrings or a pendant.

Lagoon Bracelet

This is an intermediate level course for those who have prior knowledge of bead weaving and thread tension. It is created using Right Angle Weave (RAW).

Tea Time

Bring some of a garden tea party into your life with this bracelet and enjoy the complements!

Posh Pastels

This bracelet cuff is sure to please in style and comfort as it is worn with casual or dress attire.

Framed Masterpiece Necklace

This necklace provides the fun and challenge of freeform peyote and it all happens in a cute little frame that you make yourself.

Halloween Glam Necklace

The Halloween Glam Necklace is spooky enough to be fun, but still stylish and sophisticated with a dash of sparkle to keep it feminine.

Kumihimo Braiding

In this course, discover the Japanese technique of braiding cords, called Kumihimo, to make this 20-inch, eight cord round necklace.

Dancing Leaves Necklace

The mixed warm palette of lustrous beads with the cozy charm of copper creates this piece that is sure to remind you of the foliage, pumpkins, apple cider and sitting by the fire.

Noel Bracelet

Created with the holidays in mind, this design is elegant and easy to bead.

Bird Song

Instructor Jami Shipp teaches you how to incorporate silk cord and ceramic elements in your next stringing project.


Create a piece of jewelry worthy of royalty with this elegant design.

Coin Ornament Cover

The Coin Ornament is beautiful on any tree but put it on a stand and it can be enjoyed all year.

Autumn Breeze

Miscellaneous beads, paired with formed, metal, leaf stampings create this fall inspired necklace.

Silver Soldering and Annealing

This course will introduce you to the world of soldering.

Square Weave Clasp

In this course, we’ll learn about making a custom clasp that can be used on the Right Angle Weave bracelet or any other beaded bracelet. This is Part 3 of Pam's series on the Right Angle Weave Bracelet.

Getting Started with Right Angle Weave

This introduction to the Right Angle Weave will help you get started with the necessary tools and materials. Part 1 of Pam's series to make the Right Angle Weave Bracelet.

Single Needle Right Angle Weave

Pam Preslar shows a variation of the Right Angle or Square Weave that uses a single needle to create a beautiful bracelet. A great beginning tutorial, and part 2 of her series.

Two Birds Technique

This technique solves two problems at once —those of flat finishing the ends of a stitched beaded tube for clasp attachment, and to have the resulting tube be sturdy enough to support a fairly large pendant without sagging.

Sliding Knot

In this course, glass artist Kat Kramer shows how to create a cost-effective sliding knot necklace in leather or waxed linen cord. Video demonstrates the technique for both left or right-handed artists.

Sunset Necklace

In this course you’ll create a beautiful pendant set with elegant tubes made out of seed beads, faceted donut beads, and cut edge rondel beads.

Treasure Ring

Master bead weaver Leslie Rogalski shows you how to create an intricately beaded ring using the ladder stitch.

Chanel Inspired Chunky Bracelet

This gorgeous chunky twisted faux pearl bracelet is inspired by Chanel, and it’s an easy look to achieve with this quick DIY version. It’s so simple, you can whip one up in under 20 minutes!

Birthstone Connections

Learn stringing techniques in this class aimed at the beginner.

Sterling and Crystal Necklace

Make this pretty necklace and learn basic stringing skills along the way.

Picot Pearl Earrings

Create an elegant earring with a modified ladder stitch and Swarovski crystal pearls.

Wire Wrapped Tassel Necklace

Joanie Whitehead leads you in this class using a combination of beaded components to create an elegant wire wrapped tassel necklace.

Intro to Beading Tools

Learn about the basic tools you need to start creating your own unique handmade jewelry.

Diagonal Brick Stitch

Learn how to use increases and decreases to create brick stitch that runs diagonally.

How to Tie a Lark's Head Knot

In this video see how to tie a lark's head knot to secure a pendant in place. This versatile knot is a very easy way to finish a necklace and is great for many projects.

Vintage Lucite Bracelet

Use vintage lucite rivoli links and pendants to make pretty quick and easy jewelry.

Increasing and Decreasing the Brick Stitch

In this video learn how to make outside increases and decreases in brick stitch bead weaving in order to change the width or shape of your weaving.

Circular Beaded Crochet for Lefties

In this video, learn how to do a basic 4 bead circular beaded crochet for left handers.

Circular Beaded Crochet for Righties

In this video, learn how to do a basic 4 bead circular beaded crochet for right handers.

How to Use EZ Crimp Ends

In this video tutorial, see how to use Beadalon EZ Crimp Ends to secure your beading wire. A loop has already been attached to these handy crimps, making attaching a clasp a snap!

How to Make an Acrylic Bead Stretch Bracelet Set

In this video, have fun with colors and make a set of six bold and colorful stretch bracelets.

Using the Speeder Beader Needle

The Speeder Beader Needle has a hollow core that allows you to place beading wire into the needle and then string beads just as if you were using a needle and thread.

Bead Embroidery with Textile

In this video, learn how to do a basic beaded edge over a piece of textile inserted into a piece of bead embroidery.

Finishing Memory Wire Ends

Learn three ways of finishing off memory wire ends depending on your jewelry design.

Bead Embroidery Free-Form Shapes

Learn the basic technique for a free form method of bead embroidery that can be used to fill in any number of shapes.

Add Beads to Flat Kumihimo Braid

Learn how to incorporate beads into your 10-warp flat kumihimo braid. This technique shows how to create a beaded edge along both sides of the braid.

Bead Weave Around Spacer with Loop

See how to bead weave a decorative edge around a daisy spacer bead with loop and turn the design into an earring.

Product Spotlight: Deluxe Kumihimo Kit

This kit has everything you need to start Kumihimo braiding and finishing projects right away.

10 Strand Braided Bracelet

Learn how to do a loose ten strand basket weave style braid and make a bracelet with beading wire and metal seed beads

Vertical Netting Stitch

Learn how to do 5 bead flat vertical netting stitch beadweaving.

Horizontal Netting Stitch

Learn how to do 5 bead flat horizontal netting stitch beadweaving.

Magatama Beaded Kumihimo

Do an 8-warp beaded Kumihimo braid using Miyuki Long Magatama beads.

Cover a Channel Bead Core

Learn how to cover a channel bead core with bead weaving.

Finish Bead Loom Weaving

Learn different ways to finish off your bead loom weaving.

Bead Weave a Star

Learn how to combine circular and flat brick stitch to weave a star shape.

Flat Odd Count Peyote Stitch

Learn how to flat odd-count peyote stitch to create designs with centered points.

Using a Bead Loom

Learn how to string and weave on a bead loom.

Large Hole Bead on Beaded Kumihimo

Add a large hole bead to beaded kumihimo.

Using Cord End Caps

See how to easily finish your braided and knotted jewelry used cord end caps.

Dangle Stacker Earrings

Create stunning earrings with these sterling silver dangle stacker findings.

Finishing Kumihimo Ends

See how to finish your Kumihimo braid ends and attach glue-on findings.

Beaded Bezel

Learn how to weave a basic beaded bezel around a crystal rivoli.

Wire Beading Bracelets

See how easy it is to make a beaded bangle using Wire Beading Bracelets.

Beaded Kumihimo

See how to add beads to your Kumihimo braid.

Beading Hoop Earrings

Learn how to make a pretty pair of earrings using beading hoop earrings.

Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to make a striped friendship bracelet out of nylon cord.

Make Your Own Beads

See how to easily make a bead using Crystal Clay, bead caps, and some Sparkle Dust mica powder.

Braided Anchor Bracelet

Learn how to make a knotted round braid bracelet with an anchor clasp.

Using Buttons in Bead Embroidery

See how you can incorporate buttons with glass shanks into your bead embroidery.

How to Tie Rhinestone Chain to Curb Chain

This trendy technique is very easy to do. In the video see how to add the rhinestone chain to curb chain on either one side or two.

Brick Stitch and Fringe Beaded Earrings

Learn how to bead weave classic Native American style earrings in brick stitch with fringe using bugle beads and seed beads.

How to Bead Weave Tubular Netting

Watch how to bead weave 3-bead tubular netting and then how to taper the end. Great technique for making necklaces, tassels, and other jewelry designs.

Use Bead Frames to Create Earrings

In this video see how to easily use bead frames as a design element in jewelry and create a quick pair of earrings. Bead frames surround the bead and give a structural look to the design.

How to Secure Chain for Bead Embroidery

Learn how to attach chain to your bead embroidery foundation to add dimension and texture.

How to Make a Celtic Button Knot

Watch and learn how to tie a Celtic button knot. These are useful for button and loop closures.

Wide Cobra Paracord Bracelet

Make a wide or double cobra paracord bracelet, which is two small cobra braids side by side.

Creating a Self Needle with Glue

Create a self needle with glue so that you can string beads without a needle.

D-Ring and Chain Earrings

Learn how to make a versatile pair of chain dangle earrings with D-ring findings.

How to Secure Dimensional Beads for Bead Embroider

Learn the best way to secure beads that stick up to your foundation for bead embroidery.

How to Perform Increases in Square Stitch

This video tutorial shows you how to create increases in square stitch bead weaving. This technique allows you to create interesting shapes in bead weaving, tapered edges, and more.

Chaton Earrings

In this video see how easy it is to use the new Nunn Design prong settings for chatons.

How to Make a Pandora Bead Pendant

In this video, see how to make a pretty necklace using Pandora style beads and a charm or pendant.

How to Use SilverSilk Pinch End Caps

Shown in this video is how to braid 3 strands, use the end caps, and make a bracelet.

How to Use Round Cord Ends

In this video, learn how to use round cord ends to finish a multi-strand faux wrap bracelet.

How to Make a Basic Cobra Paracord Bracelet

In this video, learn how to make a basic 4 strand bracelet with square knots, also known as the cobra pattern, using nylon parachute cord and plastic buckles.

Finishing Silver Silk

In this video, see how to make a necklace by using flat SilverSilk and finishing the ends with Ribbon Crimp Ends. The video also shows how to attach a pretty SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS pendant by tying a simple lark's head knot with the Silver Silk.

Embellishing a Beaded Bezel

Learn one way to embellish a basic beaded bezel. This embellishment is used in the Evening Star Necklace, a Free Beading Project from Beadaholique.

How to Perform Decreases in Square Stitch

This video tutorial shows you how to create decreases in square stitch bead weaving. This technique allows you to create tapered ends as well as pyramid shapes.

How to Use Smart Bead Spacer Stoppers

See how to use Smart Bead spacer stoppers to hold your pandora style beads in place and limit their movement along your charm bracelet.

How to Use Bead Ear Threaders

Ear Threaders are an interesting alternative to a traditional earring hook. Learn how to use them in this video.

How to Use Crimp Beads with Loops

One of the easiest ways to finish beading wire ends is to use crimp beads with loops on their ends. Learn how to use them in this video.

How to Add Beads to an Earring Finding

In this tutorial, see how to bead around a beadable earring finding. Also see how to make a simple SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS dangle to finish the earring.

How to Dye Lacy's Beading Foundation

See how to dye Lacy's Stiff Stuff beading foundation to match your beading and jewelry making projects for more professional looking results.

Two Ways to Add Beads When Braiding

Learn two different ways to add beads into a simple 3 strand braid.

How to Attach a Button and Loop

Learn how to attach a button and loop (or bead and loop) clasp to your bead woven jewelry.

How to Use Hinged Snap-On Bails

See how quick and easy it is to move your favorite pendant from one necklace to another if you've used a hinged snap-on bail to hang it.

Direct Attachment of Embroidery

The direct attachment method of bead embroidery is the easiest way to directly attach your beads, beaded pieces, etc. to your embroidery.

Zig Zag Shambhala Bracelet

Learn how to make a zig zag double row Shambhala style bracelet using waxed cotton cord, 10mm round beads, and macrame knotting.

Dagger Bead Daisy Ring

Learn how to make a cute daisy cocktail ring from dagger beads.

Metal Ladder Stitch Bracelet

See how to make the Firenze Bracelet - a metal bead bracelet using a modified ladder stitch bead weaving technique

Focal Piece Embellishments

Learn how to attach assorted embellishments to a focal piece in bead weaving and bead embroidery.

Spiral Rope Clasp

Learn a simple way of adding a clasp to the spiral rope stitch along with an example of a second method.

Tubular Herringbone

Learn how to bead weave the tubular herringbone stitch.

Peyote Stitch Toggle

Learn how to bead a sleek matching toggle for your peyote stitch bracelet, and how to attach it.

Picot Edge Around Filigree

Easily learn how to bead weave a decorative picot edge around a piece of filigree. This adds a nice finishing touch to your designs.

Cut Gemstone Chain

Gemstone chain is a great time saver. Learn how to properly cut gemstone chain to get the most out of this beautiful product.

Ornate Right Angle

Learn a fancy version of right angle weave using two different sizes of beads to create something very elegant for special occasions.

Ladder Stitch Bail

Learn how to bead weave a ladder stitch bail. Easy to do and instantly creates a pendant and focal point.

'Add A Bead'

Learn how to use Add A Bead bar pendants and Add A Bead connector links to showcase special beads.

Stretch Silk Cord

Learn how to properly prepare silk cord by stretching it. This will remove the kinks and smooth out its appearance.

Make a Bail

See how easy it is to make a bail using Wubbers Bail Making Pliers. Available in small, medium, and large. A Great way to elegantly hang pendants.

Miyuki Bead Kit

Miyuki Bead Kits offer a wonderful array of beading designs to choose from. Learn how to read the instructions and diagrams that go along with the kits.

Make a Beaded Bead

Learn how to create a beaded bead by weaving together Preciosa Twin beads.

Circular Stitch Bracelet

Learn how to bead weave a twin bead bracelet using a circular stitch.

Openwork Tila Bead Bracelet

Bead weave a bracelet with Tila beads and seed beads in an open work style stitch that combines ladder stitch and right angle weave.

Beaded Tassle

Make elegant beaded tassels that can be turned into earrings, a necklace, or an embellishment for just about anything.

Shambhala Bracelet Part I

Learn how to make macrame square knots, and how to insert beads into the knotting.

Shambhala Bracelet Part II

Learn how to finish off macrame knotting in a clean and secure way.

Shambhala Bracelet Part III

Learn how to make a macrame sliding knot clasp. This adjustable clasp can connect braiding or knotting projects.

Multiple Drop Brick Stitch

Learn how to do brick stitch in bead weaving using more than one bead per stitch.

Crimp Bead Cord Ends

Learn how to finish beading cord with fancy crimp bead cord ends so that you can attach a clasp.

Tila Bead Cuff Bracelet

Learn how to bead weave a cuff bracelet using an assortment of beads including contrasting colors of Tila beads.

Beading Chain and End Caps

Learn how to use beading chain and beading chain end caps to make a necklace. Very easy to do.

Bead Embroidered Edge

Learn how to bead embroider a basic beaded edge to create a finished, professional look for your bead embroidery projects and help secure the backing to the foundation.

Bead Embroidered Picot Edge

Learn how to add a decorative picot edge to bead embroidery. This finishing touch hides the area where your foundation and backing meet.

Foundation and Backing

Learn how to trim your Lacy's Stiff Stuff backing in bead embroidery and attach a backing such as ultra-suede which will hide your threads.

Bead Embroidered Bezel Row

Add extra depth to your work when you learn how to bead embroider a bezel row around a cabochon.

Bead Embroidery Backstitch

Learn one of the most common and widely used stitches in bead embroidery - the backstitch. Repeat this stitch to make uniform rows of bead embroidery.

Eyeglass Holder

Easily make a chic eyeglass holder necklace using chain, several sizes of Czech glass beads, eye pins, jump rings, and a pretty brass loop pendant.

Circular Brick Stitch Ring

Learn another application for the bead weaving technique circular brick stitch where you can use a link, ring, or chain segment as the foundation.

Beaded Flower Wreath

Learn how to bead weave a flower shaped wreath. Turn these into earrings or make multiples and link them together in a bracelet or necklace.



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